About Me

My name is Nicholas Heys and I’m a 27 year old English teacher living and working in South-East Asia. Graduating from The University Of Liverpool with a degree in English, I spent two years working as a support worker for disabled people before pursuing my dream of living abroad to study and learn about other cultures and societies.
I’m deeply interested in reading, walking through nature, films and computer games. I try to soak up as much detail about where I am no matter what country I happen to be moving through.
I grew up in the UK close to Manchester where I constantly found myself amazed at all the little things around me that other people seemed to completely ignore. I would ask endless questions and drive my Mum insane until in the end she’d send me off to annoy my Dad instead.
My curiosity continues to this day and with the advent of the internet I am so thrilled to have instant access to all the answers my brain incessantly seeks.